The BEST family bucket list for Spring! Tons of fun ideas you and your family can do this Spring. Spring is my favorite, and it's my favorite time to do many of these great family activities while the weather isn't too hot or too cold. Fun ideas for the whole family! #springbucketlist #springtodo #springcleaning

The BEST List of Family Activities to Do This Spring

Spring is my favorite season!! I love the not-too cold, not-too hot temperatures. I love the warm sun and the promise of flowers and green trees. My favorite part is the rain, and thunderstorms!!! There are so many fun family activities to do during this beautiful season. Although Spring never feels very long… it’s like Winter one week and Summer three weeks later. I’ve put … Continue reading The BEST List of Family Activities to Do This Spring

You don't have to be crafty to make these EASY DIY GIFTS! Easy homemade gifts you can make for kids or adults. DIY gift ideas with minimal supplies needed, no skills needed - even kids can help make these DIY gifts for the holidays! Gift ideas for kids, gift ideas on a budget, gift ideas for Grandparents.

Easy DIY Gifts That Anyone Can Make!

Christmas is quickly approaching, and I LOVE homemade gifts. I love making them, and getting my kids involved as well. Way back before we could shop on Amazon for literally ANYTHING – and have it on our porch 2 days later… people had to make gifts. There is something so special about someone spending their precious time making a gift for another person. DIY gifts … Continue reading Easy DIY Gifts That Anyone Can Make!

Check out our list of our favorite family board games! We love family game night, and we think these games are the BEST! Fun for all ages, these games make excellent Christmas and Birthday gifts!! Games for toddlers, games for young children, games for older children and adults will enjoy them too! Spend quality time and family bonding with these fun board games.

Our Favorite Family Board Games

We love games. Scratch that… I LOVE GAMES. I remember spending entire days playing Monopoly with my Mom when I was younger, I remember sitting in our shared room playing Risk with my older brother, and I remember playing chess with one of my step brothers every day after school. My husband doesn’t love games (probably because his wife is psycho competitive), but he is … Continue reading Our Favorite Family Board Games

$5 Christmas Sensory Bin (Including the Bin!)

I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. What is a sensory bin?? It’s a tactile experience in a confined area. Babies and kids are able to touch, pick up, fill, pour, squish, and dump a variety of objects in the bin as a way to … Continue reading $5 Christmas Sensory Bin (Including the Bin!)

The BEST teething remedies for your baby and toddler. Teething toddlers, teething babies. How to sooth teething babies. Natural remedies for teething. Essential oils for teething babies. Best teething products.

The BEST Teething Remedies for Your Baby

That first year (or 18) of life is hard! Just when you think they are sleeping better at night, a tooth is trying to pop out. Just when they are done popping out a tooth, a sleep regression starts. It’s a vicious cycle! Some babies naturally handle teething better than others, but for those who need some relief (currently: my sweet baby M), here are … Continue reading The BEST Teething Remedies for Your Baby

3 ingredient peanut butter playdoh, kids activity, edible crafts, easy playdoh, the best playdoh, recipe for playdoh, recipe for edible playdoh, activities for toddlers, activities for kids, family activity

Edible Peanut Butter Playdoh – Only 3 Ingredients!

I saw this recipe displayed at my sister-in-law’s house this summer. The recipe is from my mother-in-law, who unfortunately I never got the pleasure to meet. From what I’ve heard she did SO many cool things like this. 3 ingredient edible peanut butter playdoh?? Seriously? Why am I not finding out about this until 30 years of age? My husband remembers her making this all … Continue reading Edible Peanut Butter Playdoh – Only 3 Ingredients!

Fall bucket list for the whole family, activities for kids, fall activities, Halloween activities for kids and toddlers, family activities for the fall, 35 things to do this fall, family connection, intentional living, leaves, baking, pumpkin

The BEST List of Family Activities To Do This Fall

I have never met a person who didn’t like FALL. Sure, there are “winter people” and “summer people” but I’ve never heard someone say they don’t like fall… Take advantage of this beautiful season, I’ve created for you – the BEST list of family activities to do this fall! How many will you do this year?? make a scarecrow rake a leaf pile and jump … Continue reading The BEST List of Family Activities To Do This Fall

Tongue twisters for kids and adults! These funny phrases will help develop communication and proper speech.

50 Tongue Twisters for Kids!!

Tongue twisters for kids (and parents) are not only fun, but they can help improve speech articulation (formation of clear and distinct sounds in speech) and pronunciation (the way words are said). Many professional speakers use tongue twisters to warm up their connection between their brain and tongue movements! The other day, I was snuggling on the couch with Birdie. Baby M was napping and … Continue reading 50 Tongue Twisters for Kids!!

Awesome DIY costumes for kids, Halloween costumes, creative & easy costumes to make for your kids this year!

10 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

I LOVE making our kid’s Halloween costumes (while they are still young and don’t give you crap about it). I always have high hopes and then end up throwing something together last minute that’s about 40% as cool as I imagined. I certainly can appreciate any effort put into a DIY costume. Check out these 10 awesome DIY Halloween costumes for kids! WARNING: These are … Continue reading 10 Awesome DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

Easy, homemade teething biscuits for your teething baby or toddler! Only 3 ingredients

Homemade Teething Biscuits – 3 Ingredients!

My one year old is currently teething worse than my other two children ever did, combined. I’m certain her Baltic Amber Teething Necklace is defective! Actually I am currently “recharging” it in the sunshine (no really, it’s a thing!). In the meantime, I meant to stop at the store and buy those awesome Gerber teething biscuits that work so well. But I completely forgot. I decided I … Continue reading Homemade Teething Biscuits – 3 Ingredients!