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Chores & Allowance, Simplified

I’ve tried many different methods to try and get my kids to do chores and earn an allowance. Nothing seemed to be working. Then I realized, I was making it way more difficult than necessary. I needed chores & allowance, simplified! We’ve tried chore charts. We’ve tried nagging. We’ve tried leaving it up to them. We’ve tried to make chores fun. We’ve tried turning chores … Continue reading Chores & Allowance, Simplified

How you and your family can stay healthy this year and avoid sickness! Tips on staying healthy, keeping your kids healthy during the flu season.

3 Ways to Stay Healthy & Avoid Sickness This Year

These preschool and elementary years can be nasty. Kids don’t wash their hands thoroughly, nor do they cover up their coughs and sneezes very well. In the winter months, daycare centers seem to pass around one sickness to another. It’s inevitable! Here are three things my family does to avoid sickness during these fall and winter months, because unfortunately you can’t just hide in your … Continue reading 3 Ways to Stay Healthy & Avoid Sickness This Year

Children and adults can benefit from a nice relaxing detox bath! Learn all about what to put in a detox bath, and why this helps rid your body of toxins and can actually prevent illnesses, or lessen a current sickness. Using basic, affordable ingredients - you can be enjoying a detox bath at home. Stay healthy with regular detox baths for the whole family!

Benefits of a Detox Bath: For Adults AND Kids!

Anyone can do a detox bath right at home! And let me tell you, they are heavenly. Benefits of a detox bath: #1 Flushes out the toxins in our body that we are exposed to every day in our environment. #2 Promotes a better night of sleep. #3 Can prevent, or lessen an illness because it boosts our immune system. #4 Alleviate sore muscles, which … Continue reading Benefits of a Detox Bath: For Adults AND Kids!

We all know water is important to our health, but how much should we REALLY be drinking? And how can we easily achieve that? Read about the benefits of drinking enough water, and my best tips and tricks to keeping track each day! Also learn about the suggested amount of water that kids should be drinking! Make your health a priority, drinking water is one of the most IMPORTANT things for your body! Drink more water.

How Much Water Should We Really Be Drinking? And How We Can Easily Achieve That.

Our bodies are made up of about 60% of water. Every single system in our bodies NEED water to function properly. We all know water is important, but how much should we really be drinking? Every person should drink AT LEAST half of their body weight in ounces of water. For example a person weighing 150 lbs should drink at least 75 ounces of water. … Continue reading How Much Water Should We Really Be Drinking? And How We Can Easily Achieve That.

The whole family will LOVE these easy to make chocolate chip coconut energy bites. Also called protein bites or energy balls. Whip up a batch in no time with ingredients you already have on hand! Not a fan of coconut? No problem! Swap it for nuts or dried fruit and they will be equally delicious. A healthy and delicious snack for kids and grown ups!

Chocolate Chip Coconut Energy Bites

We LOVE energy bites (also known as protein bites or energy balls), and I love trying new recipes for them. These make a great snack for kids and adults, or pair them with a fruit and dairy and you have your self a very quick and healthy breakfast! These chocolate chip coconut energy bites are BY FAR my favorite. I love coconut, but these chocolate … Continue reading Chocolate Chip Coconut Energy Bites

The ultimate List of Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Kids!! Kid's stocking stuffer ideas, no candy stocking stuffer ideas, unique stocking stuffers, stocking stuffer ideas that aren't junk. Cheap stocking stuffer ideas. Kid's stockings. Christmas traditions.

Ultimate Stocking Stuffer List for Kids

When it comes to filling the kid’s stockings, #1 I don’t want to go broke, and #2 I don’t want to buy cheap junk that will just get thrown away in 48 hours. Here is an ultimate stocking stuffer list for kids to help you fill their stockings with intention and not desperation. Every single year we buy too many stocking stuffers and cannot fit … Continue reading Ultimate Stocking Stuffer List for Kids

You don't have to be crafty to make these EASY DIY GIFTS! Easy homemade gifts you can make for kids or adults. DIY gift ideas with minimal supplies needed, no skills needed - even kids can help make these DIY gifts for the holidays! Gift ideas for kids, gift ideas on a budget, gift ideas for Grandparents.

Easy DIY Gifts That Anyone Can Make!

Christmas is quickly approaching, and I LOVE homemade gifts. I love making them, and getting my kids involved as well. Way back before we could shop on Amazon for literally ANYTHING – and have it on our porch 2 days later… people had to make gifts. There is something so special about someone spending their precious time making a gift for another person. DIY gifts … Continue reading Easy DIY Gifts That Anyone Can Make!