Easy playdoh recipe! The BEST homemade playdoh. So simple, your kids can help make this. Minimal ingredients. Cooked playdoh recipe, soft, smooth homemade playdoh.

Perfect Playdoh Recipe

I feel like a pretty awesome Mom when I make homemade playdoh. I’m like, “yeah… I make our own playdoh, why? You don’t?” Hahahaha…. just kidding, I am not like that. But for real, you know what I’m talking about – when you make anything homemade you feel maternalistic. This has been our trusted recipe for years, it’s so EASY and it works every time IF you follow the simple instructions below.  You can also print the recipe at the bottom of this post for your convenience. You’re welcome 😉

Note: One batch makes enough for 1-2 kids, in the picture my kids are each holding one batch of homemade playdoh.

What you’ll need:

1 C water

1 C flour

2 t. cream of tartar (I buy a huge container like this one (https://amzn.to/2up5bPr because we make Playdoh often (because I’m such an awesome Mom remember?). It’s worth the investment because the little containers at the store aren’t cheap and you’ll go through them quickly – this big container will last for years of playdoh making fun). We also enjoy making playdoh for our preschool or friends!)

1/3 C salt

1 T oil (vegetable, canola, olive… whatever you have)

Optional: food coloring

Optional: essential oils (I LOVE adding a few drops of essential oil in our playdoh. My favorites are grapefruit, lavender (lavender playdoh is great for calm down areas!), thieves, or peppermint (add some glitter and blue food coloring and you’ve got winter wonderland playdoh OR Princess Elsa playdoh)

How to make:

Put all ingredients (yes, even the food coloring and essential oil) into a small or medium pot. Whisk everything together very well before you turn the heat on. You want NO LUMPS. It should be silky smooth (If Bruno Mars “silky, smooth and snap” just popped into your head… we should be friends).

lumpy playdoh

At this time you can add more food coloring if the color isn’t as bold as you want. Turn the heat on to medium-high as you use a rubber spatula to constantly stir and scrape the bottom. The dough will quickly come together right before your eyes. Keep scraping the sides/bottom of the pan and “mashing” the dough ball. Error on the side of “over-cooking it”. It should be one clump of dough that is not wet-sticky at all.

Remove and set on a piece of wax paper to cool. Knead and enjoy! Store in a large ziplock bag or plastic container with lid.

We put together a Playdoh Tray that is always accessible to the kids. Including some random cookie cutters, some large buttons, and the tools of this set: https://amzn.to/2L6GG0d

playdoh box

*Hours of fun for the kids!!*

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Easy playdoh recipe! The BEST homemade playdoh. So simple, your kids can help make this. Minimal ingredients. Cooked playdoh recipe, soft, smooth homemade playdoh.

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Playdoh Recipe

  1. This playdough recipe was sooooo easy !!! And all wIth ingredients we already had in the hOuse. My daughter is three and because all the mixing happens before turning on the heat she was able to pour and mix everything herself ! I will def be using this at school too as I work as an occuptio al therapist with sPecial needs kids and am always looking for new sensory integration activities ??

  2. Easy and fun! Kids of any age can help mix and customize This soft doUgh.
    We ran oUt of cream of tartar, so i tried cornstarch, and it seemed to work! Even if you dont have cReam of tartar, You can subsitute equal parts cornstarch.

  3. I remember making this with my mom when I was little! Can’t wait to make it with my kids as well! Definitely cheaper than buying it and yields way more per batch too.

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