No more wasting money on junk that will get tossed out the same time. Fill your child's Easter basket with practical, useful, and FUN items that your kids will LOVE! Easter basket filler ideas. What to put in Easter basket. Easter basket ideas for boys. Easter basket ideas for girls. Easter basket ideas for babies and toddlers. #easterbasket #easterbasketideas #practicalideas

Practical Easter Basket Ideas that Your Kids will LOVE!

Who else has dropped $50+ on junk for Easter baskets that is just going to get thrown away after 24 hours? We are literally throwing our money in the trash, just so we can fill our kids’ baskets with nonsense! I try to avoid these things: Slime. Usually good for one use, and 100% leaves the mother frustrated during clean up! Too much candy that … Continue reading Practical Easter Basket Ideas that Your Kids will LOVE!

The BEST family bucket list for Spring! Tons of fun ideas you and your family can do this Spring. Spring is my favorite, and it's my favorite time to do many of these great family activities while the weather isn't too hot or too cold. Fun ideas for the whole family! #springbucketlist #springtodo #springcleaning

The BEST List of Family Activities to Do This Spring

Spring is my favorite season!! I love the not-too cold, not-too hot temperatures. I love the warm sun and the promise of flowers and green trees. My favorite part is the rain, and thunderstorms!!! There are so many fun family activities to do during this beautiful season. Although Spring never feels very long… it’s like Winter one week and Summer three weeks later. I’ve put … Continue reading The BEST List of Family Activities to Do This Spring

Make your relationship a priority! No more lack of babysitter excuse, these are seriously fun date night ideas you can do right at home! Free date night ideas, cheap date night ideas, at home date night ideas. What to do when you can't find a babysitter? Creative ideas how you can spend more time with your spouse. #freedatenightideas #datenightideas #athomedateideas

No Babysitter? No problem! Seriously Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas

Finding a babysitter isn’t always easy. Back in the day, the neighbor kid (who was always available) would come over and watch your 3 kids for $4 an hour and be thankful for giving them something to do! PS – I was that kid! My, how times have changed. Whether you’re having a hard time finding a babysitter, or your budget doesn’t allow for one … Continue reading No Babysitter? No problem! Seriously Fun At-Home Date Night Ideas

Getting your kids to eat can be a struggle. Getting your kids to eat healthy can be nearly impossible some days! These tips and tricks have helped my three kids not only eat better meals, but snack healthier and eat more veggies! Kids eating more veggies?? YES! That's right. Make dinnertime enjoyable for a change. #kidseatingveggies #familydinners #kidstoeatbetter

Amazing Tips for Getting Your Kids to Eat, and Eat HEALTHY!

I’m sitting here trying to figure out if there is anything more stressful for a parent than getting your kids to eat?…. I’m thinking no. The average American family has three meals a day and a couple snacks. It’s very rare a meal goes by where we don’t: 1) hear “yuck!” or “I don’t want to eat that!” 2) tell our kids, “eat your food” … Continue reading Amazing Tips for Getting Your Kids to Eat, and Eat HEALTHY!

Bring these addicting oyster crackers to your next party, and you'll be everyone's FAVORITE! The combination of ranch seasoning, dillweed, and garlic salt makes these toasted oyster crackers so delicious. Once you start eating them you can't stop! Perfect for party snacks, appatizers, and food gifts! These seasoned oyster crackers will be your new favorite recipe! #oystercrackers #addictingsnacks #seasonedcrackers #ranchoystercrackers #oystercrackerrecipe

Seasoned Oyster Crackers

I should have titled these “Oyster CRACKers” or “Highly Addicting Oyster Crackers”. If you’ve had them before, you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve never tried these – head to the store right now for ingredients!!! These are PERFECT for parties, gatherings, or a snack to have on hand. They freeze well, which thankfully helps me from eating the whole entire batch. My kids … Continue reading Seasoned Oyster Crackers

Learn how to make these delicious fortune cookies at home! Almond and vanilla extracts make these cookies so tasty, with the perfect texture! Have fun writing your own fortunes to put in these treats! Homemade fortune cookies are a fun Valentine's Day tradition in our house! #fortunecookies #homemadefortunecookies #traditions

Homemade Fortune Cookies

I’ve always made these around Valentine’s Day for some reason. It’s fun to write your own little fortunes! My kids help out and write or draw on tiny slips of paper as well. This year, the kid’s fortunes said, “You will soon see LEGO Movie 2”, “Chicago is in your future”, “You win”, smiley faces, scribbles, and “I love you”. Mom & Dad’s fortunes said, … Continue reading Homemade Fortune Cookies